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Fortress of Art'98

Letter - Word - Sentence

Time: the first half of October, 1998

History of art that uses linguistic forms with a full understanding of their artistic importance goes back almost thirty years. The same thirty years have passed since the closure of modernism, that is the period of avant-gardes. Conceptual art was a borderline of modernism. Not only was it the ultimate and the most radical realisation of its profound, theoretical assumptions but also it established conditions for post-modern reflection within/upon art and corresponding artistic practice. Conceptualism was a genuine avant-garde and it worshipped tautologies, yet at the same time it paved the way for priority of semantic structure and the content over the form and aesthetic considerations in art. From today’s perspective, perhaps this was the most important artistic reevaluation that opened new possibilities for art. Thus defined, art holds the key to comprehension of contemporary world which, meanwhile, has turned into a text, and art itself has become the hermeneutics of meaning.

Following from the project assumptions, works to be presented should be based on textual as well as linguistic structures and produced in any medium or technique. Individual projects will be exhibited in various spaces: in small galleries as well as in the public places of the city (shop windows, displays, cafes, pubs, etc.) where art acquires its meaning when juxtaposed with specificity of the place of its occurrence. Thus conceived, exhibition includes the city into its structure and changes it into a hyper-text. Topography and history of the city as well as ongoing urban life provide a context of significance not only for individual works but also for the project as a whole. All exhibitions and events throughout the project will set up an itinerary-text sui generis, which shall be superimposed upon the plan of the city. Using such a plan, a spectator can walk the city, watching particular works and reading their text combined with the con-text of the surroundings and everyday life of the city.

Expected results:
The project extends the space of art over the space of the city and our everyday life, thus transforming it into a textual structure. The city, therefore, becomes a single, multilayered, multilingual narration composed of individual narrations expressed in a number of languages, using various artistic forms and techniques of representation that are related to great narrations of culture. The spectator, who follows the route marked by the places where the works are shown, experiences a multiplicity of fluctuating and overlapping meanings, messages and pieces of information. The way of reading both the whole project and particular works depends upon the way of going through this ‘exhibition’, upon the background of city life and the world context, and finally upon personal, intellectual and mental disposition of the spectator at a given moment. The subject matter of artistic message is a dynamic one. Individual meanings compose a kind of bundle of multiple dialogues. The slow interplay of fluctuating meaning reflects the modern life, in this case offered through the medium of art.
(by Łukasz Guzek)

Conditions of participation:
Considering extremely low budget of this year’s edition of Fortress of Art we are unable to cover travel and accommodation expenses of the artists, and we truly regret that we shall be unable to organise a meeting in Kraków. Also, we shall be unable to accept projects the realisation of which requires the artist’s presence in Kraków.

We propose the following forms of participation in the project:
1. Multiple copying and printing. We may be able to print limited edition posters either in silk-screen or in offset print (postcards, leaflets, etc.). Please send the materials on the floppy disks: texts in PC or MAC formats, pictures - COREL, PP, *tif, *jpg, *bmp files.
2. Presentation of audio and video materials on magnetic tapes (audio cassettes, video cassettes - PAL, VHS, video8, Hi-8) or in digital format (CD-ROM, HTML, WWW pages).
3. Presentation of works sent in a graphic form as well as any other art objects: posters, prints, drawings, engravings, fax, mail art, e-mail, internet, manuscripts, artist’s books, photographs (we provide prints in required sizes).
4. Any other forms that can be sent to us by mail.

Materials are not subject to selection or evaluation. However, in case of too many applications, we might have to restrict the number of prints. We will keep you informed about our decisions concerning your works. The designs which cannot be printed shall be presented in their original form.

In case of texts in foreign languages, please state whether they are to be presented in translation or in the original or both. If the original is written in a non-European language, please enclose an English translation.

Please state whether the work is to be returned to the sender. All the works remaining in Kraków shall become part of Fortress of Art collection. We thank you in advance for enriching our collection. All the participants will be informed about the status of their works.

The closing date for applications is 31 May 1998.

The closing dates for sending works are:
Projects for copying and printing - 20 June 1998
Projects on audio and video cassettes, floppy disks, CD-ROMs - 31 August 1998
Works which are to be exhibited - 10 September 1998

Materials from the symposium and all the works presented during the project will be printed in the catalogue of the festival Fortress of Art 1998.

Please send the applications and works to the address below:
ul. Mehoffera 2,
31-322 Krakow

List of participating artists:
  1. Bogdan ACHIMESCU - Kraków,
  2. Birgir ANDRESSON - Reykjavik,
  3. Chumpon APISUK - Bangkok,
  4. APSOLUTNO - Novi Sad,
  5. Pi BACKUS - Roermond,
  6. Tassilo BLITTERSDORFF - Wien,
  7. Cezary BODZIANOWSKI - Lódź,
  8. Monika BOŃCZA-TOMASZEWSKA - Warszawa,
  9. Grzegorz BORKOWSKI - Warszawa,
  10. Grażyna BOROWIK - Kraków,
  11. Paul BROWN - London,
  12. Laurie Hasley BROWN - New York,
  13. Vivien BURNSIDE - Belfast,
  14. Artur BUJAK - Kraków,
  15. Gilian CARSON - Bergen,
  16. CUKT - Gdańsk,
  17. Oskar DAWICKI - Kraków,
  18. Stanisław DRÓŻDŻ - Wrocław,
  19. Andrzej DUDEK-DÜRER - Wrocław,
  20. Zenon FAJFER - Polska,
  21. Bartolome FERRANDO - Valencia,
  22. Zoe FINLAY - Leeds,
  23. Hector FIORE - Kraków,
  24. Wojtek FLORIAŃSKI - Kraków,
  25. Michał GALIŃSKI - Oświęcim,
  26. Paweł GÓRECKI - Kraków,
  27. Piotr GRZYBOWSKI - New York,
  28. Łukasz GUZEK - Kraków,
  29. Lee HASSALL - London,
  30. Joanna HOFFMANN - Poznań,
  31. Bernadette HUBER - Wien,
  32. Irene HUG - Berlin,
  33. Sean O'HUIGIN - Cobh,
  34. Jarosław HULBÓJ - Zakopane,
  35. Roderick HUNTER - Kingston upon Hull,
  36. Julian JOŃCZYK - Kraków,
  37. Andrzej KARPIŃSKI - Poznań,
  38. Faustyna KAJKA-PYŚ - Chełm,
  39. Łukasz KIEFERLING - Kraków,
  40. Minako KITAYAMA - Nagoya,
  41. Barbara KONOPKA - Łódź,
  42. Kira KOYA - Yokohama,
  43. Cynthia M. KUKLA - Bloomington-Normal,
  44. Osamu KURODA - Tokyo,
  45. Hans KUYS - Leveroy,
  46. Przemysław KWIEK - Łomianki,
  47. Alicja LEWICKA - Zielona Góra,
  48. Krzysztof LORCZYK - Stary Sącz,
  49. Jenny LUKAC - Roses,
  50. Sol LYFOND - Köln,
  51. Miłosz ŁUCZYŃSKI - Kraków,
  52. Barbara MAROŃ - Kraków,
  53. Richard MARTEL - Quebec,
  54. Tokio MARUJAMA - Tokyo,
  55. Yoshiko MARUJAMA - Tokyo,
  56. Danny McCARTHY - Cork,
  57. Czesław MINKUS - Kraków,
  58. Gertrude MOSER-WAGNER - Wien,
  59. Michal MURIN - Bratislava,
  60. Kazuhiro NISHIJIMA - Nishikasugai,
  61. Paul PANHUYSEN - Eindhoven,
  62. Tony Stewart PATRICKSON - Belfast,
  63. Janet PETTMAN - Brixham,
  64. Jan PIEKARCZYK - Warszawa,
  65. Beverly PIERSOL - Wien,
  66. Maria Anna POTOCKA - Kraków,
  67. Waldek PRANCKIEWICZ - Stargard Szczeciński,
  68. Max Margot PROTZE - Nuernberg,
  69. Mirosław PYŚ - Chełm,
  70. Rachel ROSENBACH - Niemcy,
  71. Huang RUI - Tokyo,
  72. Jan RYLKE - Warszawa,
  73. Andrzej SADOWSKI - Kraków,
  74. Brygida SERAFIN - Kraków,
  75. Jurij SOKOLOV - Lviv,
  76. Robert SOT - Bergen,
  77. Vasan SITTHIKET - Pakkred Nontaburi,
  78. Andre STITT - London,
  79. Giovanni STRADA - Ravenna,
  80. Stefan SZCZELKUN - London,
  81. Robert SZCZERBOWSKI - Warszawa,
  82. Antoni SZOSKA - Kraków,
  83. Tadeusz STRYJEWSKI - Polska,
  84. Grzegorz SZTWIERTNIA - Kraków,
  85. Jan ŚWIDZIŃSKI - Warszawa,
  86. Artur TAJBER - Kraków,
  87. Valentin TORRENS - Barcelona,
  88. Sambor WILK - Kraków,
  90. Małgorzata ŻARCZYŃSKA - Olsztyn,
  91. Alicja ŻEBROWSKA - Kraków.

Artyści którzy nadesłali prace w formie projektu plakatu: Stanisław DRÓŻDŻ, Zenon FAJFER, Przemysław KWIEK, Jan RYLKE, Andre STITT, Artur TAJBER,
Alicja ŻEBROWSKA - praca na bilbordzie, Planty, przed galerią Bunkier Sztuki